Sparky Kabong

Electrokinetic Gravity Controller & Con-Man


Sparky is an average height human with wild white hair and cold blue eyes. He sports a slightly faded “Ride the Lightning” t-shirt and grey workman’s pants and boots. Around his torso, he has strapped two trash can lids on either side to serve as both protection and an odd sense of connectedness to the electric conductivity in the world around him. He carries a rooster-shaped weather vein strapped to his back which he uses to bludgeon his enemies as well as bend out sharp points on gears and other small metallic objects he can find on the ground. He will use these hand-fashioned “stitch-discs” to dispose of a threat from a distance when he doesn’t feel like zapping them or wrenching them to the ground with a gravity attack.


The youngest child of a miserly organ-grinder, Sparky Kabong learned two important life lessons early on: Survive and Keep As Much Coin For Yourself. The Kabong shack in the Coastal Town of Sandy Eggo proved to be a veritable octagon cage match when competing for parental attention and food. As a teenager, Sparky developed some more “shocking” aspects of his personality. His ability to manipulate what was once thought to be dead technology of the ancients and proclivity for seemingly willing people to the ground as if the very force of gravity bent to his command quickly made him an outcast amongst the people of the trash-heap projects in Sandy Eggo’s south-side and Sparky was forced to hit the road. Exiting his childhood home in a blaze of glory, he snapped the old rooster shaped weather vein his father had affixed to the top of their Maytag roof and channeled his electrokinetic abilities to give his kinsmen a nasty shock before storming out.

Always one with a flair for the dramatic and a keen eye for minute detail when meeting new people, Sparky quickly determined just how he would make his fortune: wandering village to village and using his “talents” to convince unsuspecting and unintelligent folks that he had the ability to see the future. He settled into a small town of mudworkers where he was revered as a gift from the heavens; blessed with the ability to tell fortunes and predict events. All went well for about 10 years until he provided conflicting predictions on the outcome of a major three-legged chicken race (a popular betting activity for the locals). His cover blown, Sparky was forced to go on the run yet again.

Traveling through the mountains and down into the valleys in the western deserts, Sparky noticed a sizable encampment that had sprung up around a large saucer that appeared to have crashed into a rock face years before. Perhaps he could find another group of saps he could con money off of, or maybe something different…

Sparky Kabong

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