Get rich, or die trying.

Steading of the Iron King - Part 2

Plug the meter. We're going to be here awhile.

In which Clint and Fokker are victorious in their battle with the badders guarding the tower. They find a very hungry and upset rock-man named Dolf Lundenhousen in a pit glowing with radiation. According to Dolf, the badders forced him into the pit and left him for dead. He didn’t die however, and now has newfound strength and resilience to radiation. He also has a newfound hatred for badders.

Clint and Fokker manage to get Dolf out of the pit and invite him to join them in their investigation of the tower. Dolf, anxious to exact revenge on the badders, looks about for a weapon and retrieves a parking meter and a manhole cover from a nearby junk pile.

Fokker heads back over the hill to retrieve Geoffrey and their wagon, while Dolf and Clint force their way into the tower and confront its defenses.

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